Your Local Middle School and High School Mountain Bike Team


Who Are We?

The Gainesville Composite Mountain Bike Team (GNV MTB) is a National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) sanctioned youth mountain bike team. We were founded in 2019 as part of the Florida Interscholastic Cycling League (FICL), a NICA Project League.

Our mission is to provide a safe, fun and high-quality mountain biking program for student-athletes in grades 6 – 12, regardless of ability. We are committed to youth development and providing a positive experience for all student-athletes in accordance with NICA’s Five Core Principals: Fun, Inclusivity, Equity, Respect, and Community.

As a “composite” team, we represent many different schools in the north-central Florida area. As we grow and accumulate 5 or more athletes from the same school, those particular athletes will race under their school’s name while the remaining athletes will stay part of the composite team.


Any youth who is in middle school (grades 6 – 8) or high school (grade 9 – 12), age 10 – 19, and in good academic standing is eligible to participate as a student-athlete. Homeschooled student-athletes will be placed in groups that correspond to the grade level they would otherwise be enrolled in based on their ages.

Schools We Serve

Student-athletes from all middle and high schools in Alachua County, and surrounding counties, are eligible to participate and compete. This includes public, private, virtual, and homeschool students. Here are some of the schools we serve:

Middle Schools

Bishop Middle School
Ft. Clarke Middle School
Hawthorne Middle School
High Springs Community School
Kanapaha Middle School
Lincoln Middle School
Mebane Middle School
Oak View Middle School
P.K. Yonge School
Westwood Middle School
Charter Schools
Home Schools
Private Schools
Virtual Schools

High Schools

Buchholz High School
Eastside High School
Gainesville High School
Hawthorne High School
Loften High School
Newberry High School
P.K. Yonge School
Santa Fe High School
Charter Schools
Home Schools
Private Schools
Virtual Schools


Races are optional, but are loads of fun and participation is highly recommended! This season there will be a total of 6 events: A season Prologue, 4 races, and an Adventure Day. Please see our events for date and location information.

Rules / Expectations

Student-athletes, coaches, and parents must abide by the NICA Handbook Rules & Guidelines. The Student Rules (Chapter 2) should be observed by students at all times when cycling and will be enforced on students participating in all NICA events, including races, trainings, camps, or any other occasion where coaches or students appear wearing NICA apparel.

Rules directed to Coaches, Parents & Guardians (Chapter 3) will be applied to all non-riders assisting or associated with a rider, and their failure to comply with the rules will cause their rider to be penalized.

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